MyGPS supports you to engage in career development to enhance employment outcomes.

As a student myGPS tracks your employability within eight key focus areas that can be checked into at any
and multiple times from start to end and beyond your study journey.


purpose lt


Being on the right path - knowing your WHY will help you focus your efforts on what matters most to achieve the goals that excite you.
identity lt


What makes you YOU! Getting to know yourself better to find a job you like - what you do best, what activities / interests fulfill you and what you value in a work environment
skills lt


Abilities that make you as a student & graduate more employable involving industry-specific knowledge & technical skills as well as the broader range of employability skills
experience lt


Becoming 'workplace-ready' through experiences helps build employability skills as well as providing connections that you otherwise would not be exposed to.
marketability lt


You are the product you're selling and you need to continually invest in yourself, so whether it’s your CV, introduction, interview answers or online brand all must make a positive impression when making connections, applying for jobs and other opportunities
connections lt


Making connections increases your access to relevant opportunities but things dont happen if you hide, hibernate or stay actually have to get out there in the world and meet and greet other people and explore possibilities.. which leads to opportunities!
transition lt


Student to Graduate - being 'work-ready' and getting started in the real world of work. Ensuring you have everything covered to make a successful transition from student to employee!
beyond lt


Knowing that the world is changing quickly and that you need to change with it by continuing to learn, develop your skills, experiences, knowledge and connections.