MyGPS supports you to engage in career development to enhance employment outcomes.



Build your Profile

Employers want graduates who are 'work ready' with evidence of skills and work experience. myGPS profile increases your value in the job market by helping you to communicate this.


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Complete quests, track your employability.

Quests are ultra-simple achievable tasks. Every time you complete a Quest, you have made a small, yet significant step towards gaining an industry edge.

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Step 1

Start with one of the opening Quests to get yourself familarised.

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Step 2

Add more Quests in areas you think you need improving.

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Step 3

Check your activity regularly. Are there any gaps in your employability?

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Step 4

Manage and improve your profile.

Desktop or mobile.

You can fine tune your employability profile while on the move, or make fast work of Quests on your desktop.